Film Processing

Our lab handles roll films, 135 (35mm) up to 4x5 sheet films; C-41 and traditional black & white. We process daily. Visit the lab during opening hours to place a processing order, use our after hours dropbox or send your films via post. Our turnaround time for general orders is 4 working days and can do develop only orders usually within the hour. We're a small scale lab focussed on quality, consistency and the final image. 


Colour Negative C-41

Roll films are machine processed adhering to strictly controlled parameters. Control plots are monitored daily to ensure your film receives quality and consistent results. Sheets are rotary processed using one shot chemicals. We can push/pull a max +-2 stops with a temperature based push for roll films, sheets +-3 with a time push.

Traditional Black & White

We process all B&W film using a rotary processor in a diluted D76 developer using one shot chemicals to ensure consistency between batches. Different film stocks require different processing times and are grouped for efficiency and economics. Please allow extra time for B&W orders.

Process Pricing

135, 120 & 4x5

Develop Only..........................................

Develop + Standard scans.....................

Develop + High resolution scans..........










Service Extras

Archival Sleeving $2/ roll

Your roll hand cut and sleeved into archival safe, acid free negative sleeving for storing in ring binders.

Half frame single scanning +$5/ roll

Priority Order +50%

A fee total to 50% of the order, prioritised and bumped to the front of the queue ensuring a turn around within 24hrs.

Push/pull processing +$5 per roll per stop

Return postage $11

Tick the return post box to have all your negatives sent back to you. To save on postage costs we're happy to hold onto your orders for you to build some up and send back all together.

For mail in processing orders please download and print our order sheet. If you can't print, please clearly write down your desired services and accompany with your films.

Digital Files

Once your order is completed, if you have ordered scans they will be delivered by your own special gallery where all of your ongoing orders will be uploaded into, for easy access and archiving. All develop and scan orders are rotated, renamed with their order and roll number and retouched for any dust and spotting that might occur during the scanning process.

Scanner Presets

At WIP we have spent countless hours within our scanners and can offer you a specialised preset on your scans!  

Just let us know when you place you order which preset you would like, Flat, Standard or Bold.


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Film Scanning

Work In Process prides its self on the quality of our digital output. We use Noritsu HS1800's for our processing orders and an Imacon Flextight for large scale scanning. We've spent a lot of time in the backend of our Noritsu's crafting one of a kind profiles to make your images shine their true potential. Along side our develop and process scanning, we offer scanning on pre-developed films, instant film and printed images. 

Scanning Pricing

Pre-developed film (per frame)

High resolution........................................

Instant/printed photograph...................



Pre-developed film (per roll)

Standard resolution uncut.............

High resolution uncut....................

Standard resolution cut.................

High resolution cut........................





File Sizes


Imacon Flextight Scanning

Imacon Flextight 848

"The last scan you'll ever need" Is how to best describe our Flextight service. Ultra-high resolution scans used for printing BIG. Huge amounts of detail can be captured through this scanner. Max resolution is 8000ppi. Average file size for RGB image is 400+MB*

(*for 35mm other frame sizes vary in size)

3F File p/frame $10

Images straight scanned and delivered in Flextight's FFF file format. A raw scan that can be edited in Flexcolor, a free software downloadable on Hasselblads website. Frames are dusted with compressed air prior to scanning.

Histogram Balanced TIFF $15

Your 3F file exported as a TIFF file with its histogram balanced accordingly for work in Photoshop. No retouching added.

Print Ready File $45

Your image file ready to go to straight to the printers. Colour grading adjustments and/or matching to previous scans, spotting and retouching of your files( max 10 min editing p/frame).