The Work In Process lab is built around quality, craftsmanship and communication. We offer a premium service for photographers needing only the best results. Think of us like your films secret weapon. Our services reach further than a simple develop and scan, we want to build a relationship with you, one that's based on you and giving you the best results possible.

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Our quality doesn't just stop at how a scan looks, there's a lot more to shooting on film than what you see on a screen. We pride ourselves on everything that comes before and after too. We run daily control strips and measure them in house to make sure our chemicals are on target. This means your film looks like what it's meant to and is archival stable for years to come.

We know the importance of a clean and scratch free negative is paramount to darkroom printing and Flextight scanning, so we go above and beyond to ensure careful film handling and our machines are in tip top condition with routine maintenance procedures carried out frequently.


They say "a craftsperson is only as good as the tools they use". We believe it's not just the tools that they use, but how they use them. We have modified and manipulated our machinery to work exactly how we want them too. Meaning greater results and the main thing, your photos look amazing. 

Our lab technicians have a wide array of skills in their tool belt with years of shooting on film behind them. At Work In Process we are all active film photographers constantly honing our practices. Simply put, we know film.


We want to get to know you. How you shoot, what you shoot with and how you want your images to look. We'll work with you to find that perfect look for you so you can be proud of everything that comes straight from our lab. 

Communication is key to us understanding what you envision on a shoot and we love to listen. A image can be scanned a thousand different ways, but we like to only do it once; the way you want. Our inbox is always open and we're easy to talk to, drop us a line!