Close the curtains and the Work In Process lab turns into a fully fledged black & white and colour darkroom. Our darkroom has been designed for maximum efficiency when printing, ease of use and total comfort; a space where you can be fully immersed in the traditional practice of silver print making. 

We have all the equipment you need to make beautiful prints that can last a lifetime.

The space can accommodate up to a maximum of three printers at once using a range of different enlargers capable of printing from negatives up to 4"x 5" and print sizes of black & white up to 20"x 24" and colour to 11"x 14".  


The Work In Process darkroom is like no other. We designed and then hand built the space with one thing in mind - the print. From the centre light table to the custom sink, horizontal projection enlarging and customisable stations. This darkroom has come from many years of triumphs and pitfalls while printing in the dark. And now all the best parts taken from our experience have been culminated into this one. The darkroom boasts the capabilities of printing with premium enlargers like the Leica Focomat V35 and Durst 805 and 501 using an array of lenses from Nikkor to Rodenstock and Schneider. Our darkroom gives you an opportunity not many others can, to take your prints home with you after the session by the use of a 16" capable air dryer; wet-to-dry prints in under a minute.

Traditional Black & White Printing

The darkroom accommodates up to 3 printers each with their own enlarging station, set of tools and lenses. Trays will be set-up prior to your session with the size of tray requested by the printer. Maximum tray size 11"x 14" for larger print sizes additional charges apply.

4hr / $66

Colour Printing / C Type

Chromogenic printing using RA4 chemistry. Prints are produced using a slot processor capable of up to 11"x 14". Due to its nature and our darkroom, set up only allows for one printer at a time. Session price is for use of the whole darkroom with one enlarger. You are welcome to bring others into your booked session at an additional cost.

4hr / $88

Work In Process offers the darkroom in 4hr evening sessions on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

To book a session please use the contact form or send us an email. 

The darkroom is available to photographers with prior experience and to beginners who undertake one of our workshops.

If you've had a prolonged time since printing in a darkroom we can also offer an express refresher course at the beginning of your session. For more information on refreshers please get in touch.